Saint Louis Tech Start-ups – ALIVE Magazine

A few environmental portraits and visits to a few start-ups that are using technology to solve real problems.  Whereas it is certainly exciting as well as a noble pursuit to develop a better more accurate and connected selfie sharing service, these companies focus on lighter subjects like education and healthcare, NBD.

Pixel Press

Pixel Press is creating DIY video games to engage kids (and adults if we’re being honest) in the creative process that can be a part of gaming instead of the stupefying effect of most video games.  Bloxels is the current venture that is gaining traction for them.  Connecting the art of building characters and levels on a physical game board with the digital interactive aspect of an iPad to play the game.  This process creates a more immersive experience for players.

PixelPress_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5103 PixelPress_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5044 PixelPress_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-1 PixelPress_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5140 PixelPress_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5188

Sanuseo (formerly HealthyMe)

It is no secret that the US healthcare system has a few issues.  Partisan politics aside, healthcare is expensive and complex to the point that most people aren’t sure where to go, when to go, and most perhaps most problematic, how to get healthcare they need.  SanusEO has developed a solution for those with chronic conditions that often leads to frequent, expensive, and difficult hospital visits.  The app engages patients in the behavioral changes that are necessary to keep a condition under control without the need to visit the doctor.

By sending text messages to users automatically, the app provides personal accountability for patients and provides instant feedback to healthcare providers without the need to rack up expensive and unnecessary visits.

HealthyMe_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5237 HealthyMe_ALIVE_MDK-5297 HealthyMe_ALIVE_MDK_WebReady-5312

Read the article here with a lot more start-ups and more about these particular companies.


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