The Pilots of Buder RC

Flying is a pretty strange thing.  Personally, I don’t think I have ever really enjoyed the flying part of flying so much as the knowledge that it is taking me somewhere I want to go, or at least, getting me where I am going more quickly.  Then there are people for whom flying is an obsession, something they have to do.  For some maybe it is the technical knowledge, Bernoulli’s principle and the like, maybe it is seeing the world from a different perspective, maybe they are escapists like me sometimes and love that flying is something to focus on and so completely different and new that it melts away the other, more difficult obligations.

Recently, while exploring and looking for nothing in particular, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with these pilots.  The joy and focus they get out of flying these planes was enviable.  At this moment when flying, there is nothing else.  Nothing at all.

The Pilots of Buder RC

Dog at the Airstrip

Mattkile_The Pilots of Buder_WWII Series_RCPlane_MDK--3 Series_RCPlane_MDK--6 Series_RCPlane_MDK--7 Series_RCPlane_MDK--4 Series_RCPlane_MDK--8 Series_RCPlane_MDK--10 Series_RCPlane_MDK--9 Series_RCPlane_MDK--11 Series_RCPlane_MDK--12 Series_RCPlane_MDK--13 Series_RCPlane_MDK--14 Series_RCPlane_MDK--15 Series_RCPlane_MDK--16 Series_RCPlane_MDK--2

Do hobbies just keep us busy or do they allow us to become more of ourselves?



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