Eau Bistro New Menu – The Chase

A few months ago I was asked to shoot something for a local magazine that would be running an ad for The Chase Park Plaza Hotel and more specifically, the Eau Bistro’s brunch offerings.  Though I assist on a fair amount of food shoots, I am less frequently asked to shoot food (probably due to a shortage of food work in my portfolio.)  Though the needs for this particular photograph were fairly simple compared to the food sets I am used to working on, I definitely did not want to miss out on an opportunity to make it something that could really shine.

Environmental Photograph of Eggs Benedict

After being quite pleased with the piece created for the magazine print ad, The Chase and it’s chefs brought me back to make some photographs of their newest menu additions for the Spring.  A seriously talented and impassioned group of chefs have come together at the Eau Bistro from around the country.  The shoot of the new menu took me a little out of my comfort zone honestly, as I had rarely thought about how I would photograph say, bone marrow on a bed of salt.  But these chefs don’t play around and I wanted to make sure that I could make the dishes look half as good in the photograph as they did coming out of the kitchen.

BoneMarrow_Detail Branzino_Left_Detail Charcuterie_Detail Crab-Cakes_Details Duck-Duo_DetailPenutbutter_Chocolate_Detail Tropical_DetailNapoleon_Detail

And go check these guys out at the Eau Bistro.




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