That Trip Around The World That One Time.

Back in 2014 I had the great privilege of traveling around the world assisting a photographer from a studio that I freelance with quite often.  The information about the trip was brought to me incrementally, and at the beginning the only questions I was asked were “Do you have a valid passport” and “Would you be able to be out of the country for potentially a month or longer?” One of the best lifestyle photographers around and a great group of others to be working with, I didn’t need much more convincing.

After a brief stint of nervous anticipation, it was finally revealed that we would be traveling for about 37 days with shooting locations in 5 countries, 4 of which I have never visited, much less thought about visiting with any seriousness.

A combination of nerves, adrenaline and a steady supply of coffee and electrolyte packets kept us going through the rigor of culture shock and the need to still deliver great images as if we were working back home in Saint Louis.  It is as surreal to me now as it was on September 8th, the day of departure.

Argentina.  Brazil.  France.  India.  China.  Around the World in 37 Days.

We were like phoenixes.  At the end of every 7 days, after long days and short nights in stressed situations, hopping on a plane was a bit of rebirth.  Of course, the client made us comfortable and the camaraderie of the production team was essential in keeping us going.  Truth be told, I had a blast and I think that sentiment could be shared by everyone in the group.


4 thoughts on “That Trip Around The World That One Time.

    1. Thanks! There are certain parts not to be jealous of (though not pictured) but definitely a great experience. It was amazing to be able to see the different cultures back to back that way.

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