The First Two Acts (cont.) Saint Louis Fashion Week Fall 2014

This is a continuation of a series of photographs taken behind the scenes at Saint Louis Fashion Week events.  Most recently, I photographed a few of the runway events for the fall season.  The series called “The First Two Acts” is a documentary style glimpse of the bustling backstage. Please take a look at the previous post with a lot more images and the story they create.

Full disclosure, I do not claim to be someone who understands fashion very much, which is probably why I have such a draw to photographing it.  With the energy backstage and all the goings-on, most of which are new to me every time, it is more like photographing people of a foreign culture than simply a fashion show.  There are incredible moments that come out of all the chaos and for a few hours each show day I feel I am part of that chaos and I am lucky to get to discover the intricacies of it.


The First Two acts | Saint Louis Fashion Week Fall 2014


STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-1STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-2 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-4 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-19 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-3 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-20 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-21 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-22 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-15 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-16 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-18 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-17 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-8 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-7 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-6 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-5 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-9 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-14 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-13 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-12 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-11 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-10 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-23 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-24 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-28 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-29 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-26 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-27 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-25 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-30 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-31 STLFW_Fall2014_Mattkile-32













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