Local Artist Portraits – Editorial

Back in August, before leaving for an around-the-world shoot that took me out of the country for 36 days, I had the opportunity to visit a few local Saint Louis artists in their studio spaces to make portraits of them for a feature in ALIVE Magazine.  I have always had a huge crush on process.  The creative process from project conceptualization, sketches, photographs, color palette decisions and ultimately the building and working process are fascinating.  Photographing someone within their personal space, especially artist spaces, is a real privilege.  We are able to see successes and failures, works in progress, elements of brainstorming as well as the things that inspire them.  Artists are generally known for the work they produce and getting the opportunity to go into someone’s workspace is like getting a special glimpse into the usually secret parts of their creative process.


Artist Portraits | ALIVE Magazine

ALIVEArtist_September_MDK-1 ALIVEArtist_September_MDK-5

Tom Huck’s studio was quite the place to visit.  I probably could have photographed there all day long as there was so much to it.  Huck’s work is pretty wild, as I have seen of most really good print makers.  Very involved in the print making scene, Huck organizes a yearly woodblock cutting boot camp which, as it was described to me, is pretty intense.  The guy even has a black ink named after him.



Sarah_Clip ALIVEArtist_September_MDK-4

Sarah Frost is kind of what you might expect of a sculptor with work like hers.  Meticulously crafted and mathematical in design, she seems to be a person with a constant focus on what she is doing.  Her calculation in design doesn’t seem to stand in the way of experimentation, however.




Carlie_Clip ALIVEArtist_September_MDK-3Carlie_Close-1

Carlie Trosclair is an incredibly unassuming artist.  Extremely welcoming the day of the visit to her studio, she introduces her work and her creative process with an honest whimsy.  Her studio is filled with a variety of media, most of which being reclaimed and salvaged.  A mix of old rotting wood, crackling paint, bolts of fabric and paper and enough power tools to make Ron Swanson jealous.

If I have said it once, I have a million times; I love process.  Getting to invade another’s working space for a bit always is a point of intrigue for me.  As always, I hope to have the opportunity to visit with these artists again and see a bit more of their working process and post those as a follow up.  Even though it was a few issues back, please check out the article in ALIVE Magazine here (starts on page 88).



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