Environmental Portrait: STL Police Chief Sam Dotson

There is certainly no shortage of police presence in the news/not-so-news these days.  From the statistics about violent crime and what the authorities are doing about it to authorities committing violent crime and, of course, violent crime being committed against authorities.

For the current issue of ALIVE Magazine, I was asked to meet with a person whose job it is not only to deal with the day to day media issues surrounding police but also to work as the administrator to make sure that violent (as well as all other crime) is being dealt with in the most effective way.  Basically, his job is incredibly hard.  Despite all of this, Chief Sam Dotson is a guy who, at least when being photographed, seems to have it all under control.  Upon the day of the shoot, I had to quickly forget everything that I thought I knew about police or what a Chief of Police would be like/act like/ photograph like; an absolute joy to work with.

Saint Louis City Chief of Police, Sam Dotson


Dotson_forprint_MDK Dotson_mainpage Chief_bts-1 copy Dotson_Office-3-2 Chief_ bts-2  Office_2 Dotson_Office-3


In his office the Chief told us about an award he won when he was a young boy growing up in Saint Louis.  The “Junior Citizen Award” is what he said inspired him to want to become a police officer.



Like most environmental portraits I have done, I go into it expecting one thing/experience and I (usually) come out the other end totally surprised.  Please take a look at the story online at www.alivemag.com and read a bit about someone trying to change the reputation of Saint Louis.




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