The First Two Acts: Saint Louis Fashion Week behind the curtain

It is easy to say that there are a multitude of reasons I was drawn to photography but one of the strongest pulls I had, early in my career, was the rush of capturing something as it happens, sometimes before it happens.

The past two seasons of Saint Louis Fashion Week have provided me with the opportunity to visit this style of shooting in a way that I haven’t since my time working at a newspaper.  So different than the runway show you sit on either side of, the backstage area has a certain chaotic energy to it.  Hair dressers, make-up artists, stylists and designers move in a focused frenzy with models who, all the while, are trying to stay cool, calm, and collected.

It is truly something to see.  While photographing, I’ve occasionally found the rhythm of it all and it does move in rhythm.  It may just be walking from room to room, my lens from model to model; but the more I see and photograph it, the more it feels like a play.  And most people only get to see the final act.


The First Two Acts

Scene: Saint Louis Fashion Week, Fall 2013.  The Fox Theater, Saint Louis.  The stage is clear, save for a few chairs, behind the curtain it is quiet and empty.  Each climbed stair to the green rooms brings with it another decibel.  In the hair and make-up rooms, some characters work furiously while others watch and wait their turn.  

 _MDK7462 _MDK9256 2 _MDK7483 _MDK9261 _MDK9306 _MDK7637 _MDK9441 _MDK7653 _MDK9467 _MDK7564 _MDK9351 _MDK9381 _MDK9360 _MDK9554 _MDK9637 _MDK7596 _MDK9532 _MDK9695 _MDK9688 _MDK0040 _MDK9429 _MDK9749 _MDK9493 _MDK7687 _MDK0046 _MDK0053 _MDK9981 _MDK9979 _MDK0059 _MDK9927 _MDK0117 _MDK9777 _MDK9832 _MDK9888 _MDK0071 _MDK7828 _MDK9648


End Scene.

Scene:  Saint Louis Fashion Week, Spring 2014.  Saint Louis Union Station: Grand Hall.  A not so subtle mix of modern shopping mall and turn-of-the-century architecture collide when entering the Grand Hall.  There is a long parting of chairs through the center of the hall.  An arcade along the north wall is draped with thick black fabric.  A muffled bustling sneaks through the gap in the curtains in each archway.  Inside, dimly lit figures move with varying vigor, costumed and concentrated.

_MDK4368 _MDK4214 _MDK4198 _MDK4396 _MDK4274 _MDK4306 _MDK4223 Wallsit _MDK4243 _MDK4361 _MDK4651 _MDK4416 _MDK4438 _MDK4649 _MDK4538 _MDK4543 _MDK4667 _MDK4590 _MDK4671 _MDK4753 _MDK4817 _MDK4859 _MDK4930 _MDK4936 _MDK4978 _MDK4982 _MDK4989 _MDK4925 _MDK4902

Until Fall 2014, Cheers.


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