Adam Foster Jewelry – Workshop Story

I am a huge fan and lover of process.  I get excited about new challenges and the specific steps to figure out before moving forward with a project.  It is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography to begin with.  Long hours in the darkroom, getting the chemistry just right, perfecting the print, etc.  It was all about the specifics of the process.

Aside from photography, I have also always been interested in the processes of other artists working in various mediums.  Printmaking, for instance, has a wonderfully complex set of processes for each of the types of printmaking involved.  One medium I have always been really interested in, though never practiced myself, is that of metals and jewelry.

I was recently asked to shoot a piece to accompany a story on alternative engagement rings for Regale Magazine.  I talked a bit more about this particular assignment in a previous post, Regale Magazine – Issue 4.  I ended up visiting the workspace of Saint Louis based jewelry designer Adam Foster and photographing for just a short time.  Though time didn’t allow for a more thorough photo story, I was able to capture a few vignettes and environmental portraits that I am rather pleased with.

Workshop Stories | Adam Foster Fine Art Jewelry


Adam has nearly every inch of wall space in his workshop and studio covered in sketches of future and current projects.

BW_Diptych MDK-6 MDK-7 MDK-8 MDK-9

I would really love to go back to Adam’s workshop in the near future to add more to this small body of work.  I feel there are a few details missing from this particular group and would love to include some glimpse into the action steps involved in his particular process.  After spending time shooting with Adam, I began to have a real yearning for a trip back to my roots and working on some more small documentary pieces.  Once that happens it will, of course find its way to the blog.



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