Influential Women for ALIVE Magazine

In this month’s issue of ALIVE Magazine are a few advertorial pieces that I was asked to photograph.  Of course, only one image can make it on to the page and unfortunately I am never asked for my opinion.  You can look through the issue here and the spreads are somewhere near the middle.  Below are some of my favorites from my shoot with Therese-Marie, a local singer/songwirter, performer and really fun lady.  I also had the opportunity to photograph Dr. Jennifer McCleary, a local chiropractor.

It is always a very big relief to get an opportunity, after a long line of event gigs, to spend some time talking with the person that you are photographing and get to actually photograph who they are rather than where they happen to be hanging out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Influential Women – Therese-Marie

 MDK-2MDK-1 MDK-4 MDK-6_MDK6940-Edit

Jupiter Studios in Saint Louis allowed gave Therese-Marie and myself full reign over their studio for our shoot.  Their studio was big and had really great light that I barely had to modify it.

Dr. Jennifer McCleary


Until the next one, Cheers!


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