Editorials for Regale Magazine – July, 2013

Earlier this month the summer issue of a blog turned online magazine, Regale, was released.  I was lucky enough just a few months earlier to meet the founder and publisher of the magazine and begin talking about shooting a few editorial pieces for this issue.  Covering a fairly broad range of information, I had a good time working on these editorial pieces and am always looking forward to the next time I can break out of the event coverage routine.

Regale Magazine – Issue #4

Farmer’s Market


Love Bird Studios

A few wedding videographers came together to form Love Bird Studios.  Located on Cherokee Street in Saint Louis, Love Bird produces great wedding videos.  I took some time to photograph them and their new digs.


On a Good Note

Based in Indiana, this design company, On a Good Note Design, creates some interesting stationary that is certainly styled with the millennial in mind.


Roadtrip Essentials

A piece to accompany a story about exciting road trip destinations and what you need to get there.


Im looking forward to being able to work on a few pieces for the next issue of Regale.  I would highly recommend checking the magazine out at http://www.regalemag.com.  This small publication is produced through massive effort of a small group of dedicated individuals (and one very busy publisher) aiming to create something that truly appeals to millennials.



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