The Ripple Effect – Part 1

Near the end of 2012 I began working on a television show called The Ripple Effect with Kristen White.  Kristen used to work as a morning anchor for the ABC 30 affiliate in St. Louis before the station stopped producing news at the downtown studio.  After working in California, Kristen came back to St. Louis to start this television show.

I met Kristen and her husband/producer John, while covering an event for another client, ALIVE Magazine.  There is a lot to be said about never knowing who you might run into and who might hire you while you are shooting a gig (that will be for another post on Free Moment).

The Ripple Effect features guests from around the world to speak on the topics of business success, entrepreneurship and personal/spiritual health.  With an average of 5 guests on every shooting day, there is always a lot going on behind the scenes, which is where I come in.

Below are a few images from the past two production days.  There are tons of images from the previous few months that I will have to add in a later post.

The Ripple Effect with Kristen White

MDK-1 MDK0132-Edit MDK-11 MDK-10 MDK-9 MDK-8 MDK-7 MDK-6 MDK-5 MDK-4 MDK-3 MDK-2

MDK-20 MDK-21 MDK-22 MDK-23 MDK-24 MDK-25

The production crew and everyone behind the scenes are really great to work with.  The pace of television production is fast and you have to be able to adapt to a changing situation quickly.  Like I had said before, you never know who you might run into while shooting a gig and it might just be someone that can be long-term business for you.

More to be posted later.


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