NOLA Textures

New Orleans is more than a city that hosts Mardi Gras.  It is more than a city that was devastated by a hurricane and a flood, it is more than zydeco, gumbo, po’ boys, and Rue Bourbon.  It is a city that has a feel to it, a texture, it is a tactile city that you need to run your fingers over to fully understand.

The last time I photographed the city, I was very determined to photograph the people and the culture.  This time, I went into it without a direction or plan and looking back through the images after the first day, I found many of them were simply about the texture of the city.

Rubbings, New Orleans

MDK-6 MDK-2 MDK-3 MDK-4 MDK-1 MDK-5 MDK-7 MDK-8 MDK-9 MDK-10 MDK-11 MDK-13 MDK-14 MDK-12 MDK-15

There is something to be said of the people in this city.  They are performers.  And they are good at it.  They will work very hard to give you a show.

Keep an eye out for images from my first trip to New Orleans, coming soon.


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